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  IAC Chapter 5 Launches New Website

Core content is in place and more coming soon!
It's time to launch the new IAC 5 website. From a technical perspective, this site is as different from the old as a 1940's Cub is from an Edge. The new site makes use of many of the latest tools and technologies and makes life behind-the-scenes a little easier.

Who cares about the technical side? What does this site do for me (the busy aerobatic competitor and member of Chapter 5)?

The site offers a more modern look, feel, and approach to sharing information. The home page contains a summary of the latest club news headlines, a snapshot of the recent upcoming events from the club's calendar, there's a member spotlight (more on this in a moment), and there is even a snapshot of the current local weather (METARS) and flight restrictions. Of course, all our advertising sponsors are linked in as well.

So what new features does the new site have beyond the new layout?

Enhanced Member Information
  The new site will allow you to enter your aircraft, insurance, t-shirt size, and other bits of information that we'll use to help automatically register you for our contests. Update your member information, and we'll keep it on file for use when you come to fly in our contests. This is a real time saver.

Member Biography
  In addition to storing the boring stuff like your address, phone, and certificate number, the site will now allow members to enter some biographical information and upload a picture. This information is the club's version of the “Meet A Member” articles that you find on the last page of Sport Aerobatics. Many of us enjoy reading the interviews found in the magazine. Bringing this idea locally to the club and allowing all members the opportunity to answer a handful of questions about themselves (their flying, aspirations, and club interactions) gives us all an opportunity to get to know one another better and help put faces to names.

The website will automatically rotate members who have entered a biography through a feature on the home page called “Member Spotlight.” This is a fun and interesting feature—something that will surely help us to get to know each other a little better.

Updating your biography is simple: click “My Profile” on the menu bar of the home page (or any page in the website). Once clicked, you will be taken to a login screen. Enter your last name and password (if you don't know your password, use the link to have it e-mailed to you). Once you have been validated, your member information page comes up. Make any corrections, click save (bottom right of the page), and then click the biography button to the left of the save button. Upload a picture and answer a handful of questions. Be sure to click save when you're done.

Please do try to make time to add a profile. The club deserves to know more about you regardless if you joined up yesterday and just started flying a week ago or if you've been flying Unlimited Aerobatics since the Nixon was in office.

E-Mail Updates
  The site will be sending snapshots of the current news headlines and upcoming calendar events when there are new items for you to be aware of. This will help keep us all up-to-date on current events and improve communication within the club.

More will be coming soon…
Although countless hours of effort have already been invested, there are areas of content that aren't yet written (mostly introductory articles on getting started in aerobatics). These will be helpful for new and prospective members.

The site will eventually include contest information for all venues of our local contests (hotels, car rentals, etc.).

There will be much more coming—the Chapter 5 site will be the premier chapter site within IAC. Look for more announcements soon.

Should you have any issues with the new site (it is all brand new code), have questions about the site, would like to offer ideas or suggestions, or would like to roll up your sleeves and help with content, please contact us at webmaster@iac5.org.